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Real Estate Brokers:

Catalina Camacho
Executive senior commercial and residential associate broker and training consultant

Organization and determination are factors that Catalina Camacho aims for in all aspects of her life. Applying these principles to being a certified Residential and Commerical real estate broker, has allowed her to be a top-producing real estate agent for more than 10 years. She has a degree in Political Science and several graduate degrees in diverse fields along with being fluent in French, English, and Spanish. Her background as an entrepreneur having started up and managed several companies has given her real estate needs a high level of experience leadership, a thorough knowledge of the market, strong negotiation skills and most importantly, a grease sense of detail and client service.

Panagiota Karabinis

Panagiota Karabinis is a certified residential and commercial real estate broker with 15 years of experience. She has a degree in commerce and is fluent in 3 languages: English, French, and Greek. Panagiota is a professional with integrity, values and a great work ethic.

Gabriella St-Pierre

Gabriella St-Pierre is a licensed commercial and residential real estate broker, with over 3 years of experience. She is originally from Brazil and is fluent in French, English & Portuguese. Prior to her real estate career, Gabriella was trained in interior and architectural design.

Christopher Georges
Associate real estate broker

Christopher is a licensed residential real estate broker. A young self-starter with a strong entrepreneurial attitude combined with a background of commerce and marketing. He has over 5 years of sales experience. Christopher was raised in Montreal and speaks French, English, Armenian and Arabic.

Miriam Hanna
Associate Residential Real Estate Broker, CPA

A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), and passionate about real estate, Miriam has a determined business sense and an expertise in the real estate market. Miriam has developed great relationships with a local and international clientele, formerly she accompanied several clients to conclude successful transactions while exceeding their expectations. Her attention to detail and her dedication to her clients have enabled her to develop a bond of continuous trust. A member of the Quebec Real Estate Brokerage Organization, Miriam is proud to join Team Amy Assaad.

Manuel D’Astoli
Associate Real Estate Broker

Manuel D’Astoli is a residential real estate broker with over 4 years experience. He is fluent in English, French and Italian. One of his greatest asset is his patience and ability to listen & execute. With an extensive background in sales and having studied architectural technology gives him a strong understanding of buildings & construction. Manuel holds am R.B.Q. license and his family’s background is in construction. Manuel is professional, dedicated and has excellent customer service skills. We give him warm welcome and look forward to working with him!

Noelle Ti Huang
Associate Real Estate Broker

We are pleased to introduce Noelle Huang, a residential real estate broker as a member of Team Amy Assaad. Being and raised Taipei, Taiwan she is trilingual thus fluent in French, English, and Mandarin. Noelle has over 3 years of experience working in the luxury automobile industry and thus client care and satisfaction is always a forefront priority. She is communicative, enthusiastic, detail-oriented, and dedicated to recognizing clients’ culture and unique individual needs which have proven her ability to establish and maintain excellent communication and relationships. These skills and abilities are appreciated and valued within our organization and we are delighted to have Noelle as an integral part of our team.

Chen Bo Huang
Associate real estate broker

As a residential real estate broker, we are pleased to introduce Chen as a member of Team Amy Assaad. Chen holds a Master’s degree in Communication Studies from Wuhan University and majored in Finance at McGill University. Chen has worked in commercial and residential interior design for over 10 years and has extensive marketing and sales experience.  His ability to demonstrate these assets in English, French, Mandarin and Cantonese makes him a valuable addition to our team.

Kimberly Sierra
Associate Real Estate Broker

Kimberly Sierra is a licensed residential real estate broker. Kimberly makes use of her skills and knowledge from her degree in Interior Design. Fluent in English, French, Hebrew, and Spanish. Kimberly’s dynamism and diligence have made her a valued member of our team.

Romany Antoine
Associate Real Estate Broker

Romany Antoine is a licensed residential real estate broker with over 6 years of experience. having studied law and holding a degree commerce. Romany’s passion for real estate began with investing in income properties for the the last few years. His expertise in the industry and his admiration for construction allow’s him excel in this competitive market. He speaks three languages: French, English and Creole. Romany benefits from his business minded entrepreneurship and is a customer-centric and result-oriented. He will dedicated to ensure to guide you step by step through the process. We are very pleased to welcome Romany to our group!

Jenny Germani
Associate Real Estate Broker

We are pleased to introduce Jenny Germani!

Jenny is a certified residential real estate broker. Following several years in customer service, and in the banking industry, Jenny decided to pursue her career in real estate. Jenny holds an undergraduate degree in communications from the University of Ottawa. She has a background in sales, excellent customer service skillsets, which has driven her to pursue her passion, and develop winning strategies for her clients. Her attention to detail, client service and negotiation skills has allowed her to stand out in all her business pursuits. Jenny is available to serve our clients in French, English, and Arabic. We welcome Jenny to our group!

Manya Niazi
Associate Real Estate Broker

Manya attended an international boarding school in Oxford, England where she was given a fantastic and enlightening opportunity to develop her interpersonal skills and collaborate with others in a diverse environment. Later, she pursued her academic studies, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Design from the University of the Arts in London. Manya grew up in a family active in the real estate industry, from significant investments to property developments, she saw first-hand how to work and be successful in the business. Manya’s upbringing, exploration and academic achievements allowed her to be well-equipped and passionate about aiding her clients to achieve all their objectives diligently and with transparency.

Marcia Sa Juan
Associate Real Estate Broker

Marcia completed a bachelor’s degree in international relations, as well as a second bachelor’s degree in transport logistics at HEC Montreal. Her work background consists of several years of international trade and for the last years has entered the real estate field. Marcia is trilingual, speaking English, French, and Portuguese. She joins the team with aspiration and motivation to build her real estate knowledge base and interpersonal skill sets. Marcia has a great ability to build trusting relationships with the people around her and is focused on delivering results.

Frederic Karam
Associate Real Estate Broker

Frederic Karam is a Residential real estate broker who provides strategic marketing and transaction management services to his clients across the Quebec Market.  As a previous Restaurateur, Frederic’s business is built on his commitment to client relations in the form of, dedication, communication, determination, and trust, all while catering and adapting to his clients’ needs.  A well-travelled Montreal native, his knowledge of the geography can assist Buyer’s and Seller’s in both English and French.

Catherine Romney
Commerical and Residential Real Estate Broker

Catherine is a Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker. She has obtained her Honors Bachelor’s degree from the University of Ottawa in Criminology. She has an entrepreneurial mindset, and has an extensive background in sales. Catherine’s passion for real estate stems from her family of investors. Her attention to detail, dedication, integrity, and devotion to real estate and individuals has allowed her to stand out and offer a personalized service tailored to each of her client’s needs. She is very enthusiastic and approachable which allows her to maintain long-term relationships with her clients and network. She is determined, hardworking, and skilled in negotiating and protecting her clients’ interests. Catherine ensures that her client’s needs are not only met but exceeded.

Max Grasso
Commerical and Residential Real Estate Broker

Max Grasso is an experienced real estate broker, specializing in both commercial and residential properties within the greater Montreal, Quebec region. Representing both buyers and sellers, Max has extensive knowledge to guide his clients towards their real estate goals and delivers valued advice with careful detail. Max accompanies them in every detailed step of their transaction diligently. Holding both his commercial and residential real estate license, Max has served as a successful real estate broker at both RE/MAX and ROYAL LEPAGE. Prior to his venture in real estate, he acquired over eighteen years of experience in the IT technology and consulting field. Outside of the office, Max enjoys traveling, biking, and quality time with friends and family. We welcome Max as a part of our team and look forward to a working side by side with a dynamic broker such as himself.

Jason Modory
Associate Real Estate Broker

Jason Modory is a residential real estate broker specializing in leasing and sales. A polyglot in English, French, Slovak and Czech, Jason prides himself on having a strong work ethic as well as interpersonal and communication skills. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and values based on dedication to the client and transparency. He is passionate about real estate and strives to use his skill set and knowledge to deliver the highest quality service to always exceed his clients’ expectations.


Operations team:

Katrin Semenov
Chief Executive Operations Specialist

Katrin Semenov is our Chief Executive Operations Specialist with over 5.5 years of experience in the field. A graduate in commerce, with a background of marketing and sales. Katrin is fluent in Russian, French, and English. Her determination, insight and interpersonal skills have made her a valued member of our team.

Tiffany Roumi
Marketing and Operations Associate

Tiffany’s expertise in her commitment to excellence in administration, marketing, and an extensive background in customer service. Raised in Montreal, Chicago and Dubai, Tiffany’s passion for real estate is apparent through her intimate understanding of diversity in order to obtain exceptional communication skills and trustworthiness in all her approaches.

Samia Georges

Samia Georges, has a Masters degree from McGill in Electrical Engineering with a minor in computer science and equally studied Management. Samia, formerly worked as system analyst for 30 years. Her philosophy is to maintain a highly regarded reputation for accuracy, integrity, and value. Therefore creating a culture and business philosophy of accountability, community, diversity, joy, drive, respect, quality and excellent client service. These skills and abilities are appreciated and valued within our organization and our clientele and we are delighted to have Samia as an integral part of our team.

Sarah Carriero
Communications & Client Care

We are pleased to introduce Sarah Carriero as our Communications & Client Care associate member of Team Amy Assaad. Raised in Montreal with a passion for real estate, Sarah has completed her residential real estate brokers license. She has over five years experience in the customer service and financial industry. Her knowledge , coupled with her unmatched devotion to our clients, will make her a valuable asset to our team!

Stefanie Eliopoulos
Administrative Assistant

We are pleased to introduce Stefanie Eliopoulos as our Administrative Assistant! While pursuing her degree in social sciences, Stefanie is now studying to obtain her residential and commercial real estate license. Stefanie has over 4 years of experience in the service industry and management industry. She is fluent in English, French and Greek. With a passion for real estate, excellent communication skills and attention to fine detail, we are pleased to have her on board and join our team.


Independent Broker’s acting on their own account:

Rachel "Yu" Du

Yu Du, also known as Rachel is a certified real estate broker and is passionate to help people with their real estate needs. Rachel was raised in China, acquired her Bachelor‘s degree in electronics and electrical engineering from the University of Glasgow, UK and Master’s degree in Management Science at the University of Waterloo, Canada. She speaks 4 languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, English and French and also has hands-on experience in real estate investments in Canada, the US, and China. Rachel benefits much from her multi-cultural experience and her strong educational background. Rachel strives in her willingness to assist clients internationally as her foundations stem from respect and recognizing clients’ culture and unique individual needs. Her objective is to maintain a highly regarded reputation for honesty, integrity, and great value. Thus, to promote a culture and business philosophy of accountability, community, diversity, joy, drive, respect, quality and excellent client service. These skills and abilities are appreciated and valued within our organization and we are delighted to have Rachel as an integral part of our team.

Adriano Cesta

Adriano Cesta is a certified residential real estate broker with over 3 years of experience in the field. He is fluent in 3 languages being English, French, and Italian. Adriano possesses a strong background in the luxury rental market and property management area. He utilizes his profound knowledge of the market, communication skills, and negotiating skills to provide a curated approach to all customers that seek positive results, smooth transactions, and ultimately, peace of mind. We welcome him to the team! 

Carly Molinaro LL.L

Carly obtained her Civil Law degree at the University of Ottawa and is now a licensed attorney. Her passion for real estate began at a young age due to her family’s history in real estate development. As long as she can remember, her main hobby has been looking for investment opportunities and analyzing the market.  She now brings that same knowledge and focus to all of her clients. While pursuing her law degree, Carly joined our team as a residential real estate agent and has since closed numerous transactions. Her attentiveness and meticulousness has given her the ability to understand and meet her clients’ needs. In addition, her legal background has given her the knowledge and skill to confidently negotiate and protect her client’s interests. Carly’s tenacity and enthusiasm has made her an esteemed member of our team.

Rodney Vullapah
Commercial and Residential Real Estate Broker

A licensed residential and commercial real estate broker, Rodney Vullapah stands out for his great dedication and determination to ensure real estate buyers, sellers, and investors achieve their goals and have the best experience possible. Growing up, Rodney owned and managed multi-residential real estate and enjoyed working in the construction field during summers throughout high school and college. After leaving College, Rodney worked in the Canadian Banking Industry; however, he left to pursue his lifetime career dream in real estate. He joined Property Management, where he spent 10 years learning the day-to-day, short and long-term strategies of real estate investing. These experiences uniquely equipped him with an incredible wealth of knowledge of the various facets of the real estate market, knowledge in financing and investments, and a remarkable ability to analyze market trends exceptionally well.

Rodney understands the real estate business beyond words. With over 13 years of broker experience in real estate , his unwavering passion for the industry and his educational background in Economics have seen him build a strong reputation.  His keen appreciation of clients’ needs, commitment, and pursuit of excellence in service delivery are all top priority.  Rodney leverages his extensive knowledge of the real estate market to guide to best advise and educate his clients about the market dynamics, empowering them to make well-informed decisions. He takes on the negotiation process calmly and convincingly to ensure buyers get the best deal and sellers fetch top dollar for their property.

Rodney is remarkably personable. He is reputable for his strong affinity for connecting with people, his ability to treat every client with respect and care, and his willingness to go all out to ensure they are happy and satisfied. His clients continually benefit from his professionalism, eagerness to serve, diligence, friendly and warm personality that makes them feel comfortable around him. This aspect has earned him his clients’ trust and allowed him to build thriving professional relationships. The one thing that makes working with Rodney worthwhile is that he pursues his clients’ dreams like they were his own.


In-house mortgage broker:

Cosimo Care
In-house financing specialist for Team Amy Assaad - Mortgage Broker at Orbis Mortgage Group

As an experienced entrepreneur, Cosimo Care developed the skill and mindset needed to prioritize tailored and top quality service.With his vast knowledge of the lenders available and expertise to guide you towards your first home and other real estate projects, he values always being available and creating solutions for each customer.Alongside Cosimo Care, your purchase will be a comfortable experience and the beginning of a great relationship.