A Tradition of Trust

Services Offered

Selling and buying residential properties

Seamlessly coordinate the transaction for the purchase or sale of a home, negotiating the best possible prices with privacy, confidentiality and our fiduciary duty to the client at top of mind.

New development projects for sale and for rent

Our team of well-connected brokers has knowledge of the most premium development projects for sale and for rent.

Multi-residential properties

We specialize in the buying and selling of multi-residential properties, referring to an establishment with seven or more self-contained units, whereby a self-contained unit includes a kitchen, a bathroom and a separate entrance.

Commercial properties

Coordinate contracts between a landlord and a business for the sale of property.

Residential leasing

Coordinate all aspects of the residential lease agreement; ensuring the legally binding contract made between a landlord and his tenant contains all the necessary terms for renting.

Commercial leasing

Facilitate the agreement between a landlord and a business outlining the terms and conditions of property rental, specific to renters using the property for business or other commercial purposes.


We specialize in selling land for development, emphasizing the pragmatic side of the sale, like the zoning code allocated to the land.

Country homes

Facilitate the buying or renting of a property in the country for a holiday, vacation, or as a second home, making it simple to find exquisite properties in unfamiliar territories.

International and vacation property evaluations

Trust our well-established team to inspect your property to determine its current market value, taking into to account market conditions and previous sales, with the location playing a determining factor in the valuation.

Off market / Non MLS Opportunities

We specialize in finding pocket listings- off market properties that are for sale, but not in the traditional sense on the Multiple Listing Services. Our extensive market knowledge and the wealth of relationships established by our brokers provide us a unique opportunity to find the best off-market listings suitable to our clients needs.

Property evaluation

Evaluations for all properties can be preformed for $499 + GST/QST.

Property management

Our comprehensive services include meeting with new tenants for documentation and payments. Our Property Manager handles tenant inquiries and leasing, rent roll management, property maintenance and repairs, bill payments and issue resolution for a seamless tenancy experience. Additionally, we expertly manage and represent cases at the Rental Board to protect landlords’ best interests.

Elevate your home selling experience with our exclusive offering

A unique platform powered by Harcourts Auction, represented by the renowned Jonathan Bass. Through this innovative service, we provide sellers with a exclusive opportunity to showcase their homes in virtual auctions advertised throughout North America, Canada, and Mexico. With a focus on Live Auctions and Real Results, Harcourts Auctions stands as the foremost leader in property auctions across North America and beyond.