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A Tradition of Trust

Amy has been a Chartered real estate broker since March 2002, affiliated with Royal LePage Heritage in Westmount. Amy specializes and is certified in Residential and commercial properties. She brings impressive qualifications to her work at Royal LePage by having completed both her Affiliated Real Estate certification followed by the Chartered Real Estate Broker designation.

Amy brings expertise through her knowledge of the market, communication skills, and a well-established network. Amy is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences, by offering a complete suite of real estate services, from sales and rentals of residential homes and condos, multi-residential, commercial leasing and sales, land and new development marketing, With expertise in these fields to guide you skillfully from beginning to end of your real estate journey.

Knowledge of the market* Amy has had extensive exposure to both the residential and commercial real estate market in Montreal, west island and south shore markets. She supports her clients with a wide range of real estate investment backgrounds, from personal home transactions to clients with extensive income property portfolios.

Amy currently has over 155 Million dollars of real estate under mandate to sell which has translated to Amy attaining many awards for top performance. She achieved in the year 2007 top 10% in Canada, in 2008 top 5% in Canada, from 2009 to 2013 top 3% in Canada and from 2014 to 2019 rising to the top 1% in Canada for all of Royal LePage real estate brokers, that’s out of approximately 18,000 brokers across the Country. We received the Provincial Top Ten Award from Royal Lepage Canada, No. 2 Team in Quebec, for being in the top ten of brokers out of approximately 4,500 in Quebec. We are also ranked as the No.9 team in the country in 2019 out of approximately 18,000.

Communication Skills* Amy has developed marketing and sales skills focused on the Montreal market. She possesses an innate insight and is an expert negotiator, having helped close deals quickly for her clients, often exceeding their expectations.

Successfully negotiating over 500 transactions per year has allowed her to exemplify leadership in this sector. Her team of professionals are multilingual, speaking 19 different languages, fluent in English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Greek, Russian, Egyptian, Portuguese, Polish, Armenian, Slovak, Czech, Creole and Farsi.

Network and Access* With over 21 years’ experience transacting real estate, Amy has grown a well-established network that includes industry clients e.g. bankers, estates/trusts, accountants, investors, buyers, sellers, financiers; and proficient legal experts. This allows her to inform her clients on many levels and facilitates transactions when complexities arise. In résumé, Amy is able to benefit her clients with a thorough knowledge of the market, a skill set that is focused on marketing, negotiation, communication, and a well-established network of clients and professionals in the Montreal area.

Our awards:

  • National Chairmans Award, Top 1% of realtors in Canada 2014-2019
  • Top 10 in Canada | Ranking # 9 out of 18,000 realtors nation-wide
  • Provincial Top 10 Award, Ranking No2 realtor in Quebec 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019
  • Diamond Award, Top achieving 3% of realtors in Canada 2009-2013
  • Director’s Platinum Award, Top achieving 5% of realtors in Canada 2008
  • Presidents Gold Award, Top achieving 6-10% of realtors in Canada 2007
  • Award of Excellence, Repeat qualifiers attaining awards consecutive years in a row 2007-2019 for all Royal LePage realtor teams across Canada
  • 21 years at your service


FROM 2014 TO 2021

FROM 2016 – 2020
For all Royal LePage realtors across Canada


Meet Our Team

Operations team:

Katrin Semenov
Chief Executive Operations Specialist

Katrin Semenov is our Chief Executive Operations Specialist. She holds a Certificate in Management from Harvard University and has over 6 years of extensive professional experience in marketing, operations, and sales. Katrin is fluent in Russian, French, and English. Her determination, insight, and interpersonal skills have made her a valued and integral member of our team.

equipe@amyassaad.ca (514) 884-8000
Samia Georges

Samia Georges earned her master’s degree in electrical engineering at McGill University with a minor in computer science and studies in management. Samia has over 30 years of professional experience as a system analyst. She has a highly regarded reputation for the accuracy, integrity, and value she imbues in her professional career. Her work philosophy is grounded on accountability, community, diversity, joy, drive, respect, quality, and delivering excellent client service. These skills and abilities are appreciated and valued within our organization and our clientele. We are delighted to have Samia as an integral part of our team.

analyst@amyassaad.ca (514) 884-8000

Real Estate Brokers:

Panagiota Karabinis
Associate residential and commercial real estate broker

Panagiota Karabinis is a certified residential and commercial real estate broker with over 15 years of experience. She holds a degree in commerce and is fluent in English, French, and Greek. Panagiota is guided by a strong sense of integrity and valuable work ethics which she devotes to her clients to help them succeed in all of their real estate endeavours.

panagiota@amyassaad.ca (514) 757-2904
Sarah Carriero
Associate residential real estate broker

Sarah Carriero is a certified residential real estate broker with a passion for helping others. Sarah has worked for several years in the finance and sales industries during which she developed and perfected strong negotiation tactics and an ability of achieving results. She is fluent in both English and French with some knowledge of Portuguese. She was raised in Montreal and the Laurentians which gives her a keen understanding of Quebec’s diverse real estate market. With over 6 years of professional experience in the customer service industry, Sarah implements patience and her unmatched client devotion in her real estate practice.

sarahcarriero@amyassaad.ca (514) 776-9524
Manuel D’Astoli
Associate residential real estate broker

Manuel D’Astoli is a residential real estate broker with over 6 years of professional experience. He is fluent in English, French, and Italian. One of his greatest assets is his devotion to his clients’ individual needs and goals. With his extensive background in sales and his studies in architectural technology, Manuel brings to his real estate practice a strong understanding of buildings and construction. He holds a RBQ license and comes from a family with an extensive background in the construction industry. Manuel is a dedicated professional who is driven by providing his clients with a service that always seeks to surpass their highest expectations

manuel@amyassaad.ca (514) 770-5349
Jenny Germani
Associate residential real estate broker

Jenny Germani is a certified residential real estate broker with extensive professional work experience in the customer service industry and in the banking industry. Jenny holds a Bachelor of Communications from the University of Ottawa. Her background in sales, her excellent customer service skills, and her passion for real estate enable her to provide her clients with winning strategies to achieve maximum value in all of their real estate endeavours. Her attention to detail, client service, and negotiation skills has allowed her to stand out in all of her business pursuits. Jenny can serve our clients in French, English, and Arabic.

jenny@amyassaad.ca (819) 230-5050
Manya Niazi
Associate residential real estate broker

As a real estate broker with a background in design, Manya Niazi has a unique perspective and skillset that enables her to provide exceptional service to her clients. She attended an international boarding school in Oxford, England, where she developed her interpersonal skills and collaborated with her peers in a diverse environment from an early age. She then continued her academic pursuits; earning a Bachelor of Arts in Design from the University of the Arts London, followed by a graduate degree in Europe. Growing up in a family actively involved in the real estate industry, Manya gained first-hand knowledge and experience in the inner workings of the industry. This exposure equipped her with the skills and diligence necessary to succeed in a competitive market. Her passion for design and creativity is evident in her approach to real estate, allowing her to think outside the box and provide innovative solutions. With her unique background, travels, and academic achievements, she has honed her ability to help her clients achieve their real estate goals and objectives with dedication and transparency.

manya@amyassaad.ca (514) 222-2293
Catherine Romney
Associate residential and commercial real estate broker

Catherine is a residential and commercial real estate broker. She earned a Bachelor of Criminology with honours from the University of Ottawa. Catherine has an entrepreneurial spirit and has an extensive professional background in the sales industry. Her passion for real estate stems from her family of investors. With her attention to detail as well as her dedication and integrity, Catherine offers her clients a personalized service tailored to each of their needs. This has allowed her to create long-term relationships with her clients and network. Catherine is determined, hardworking, and skilled in negotiating and protecting her clients’ interests. She strives to ensure that their needs and goals are not only met but exceeded.

catherine@amyassaad.ca (514) 264-1644
Jason Modory
Associate residential real estate broker

Jason Modory is a residential real estate broker with a strong entrepreneurial spirit who specializes in property purchases and rentals. Jason is a polyglot who is fluent in English, French, Slovak, and Czech. He prides himself on his strong work ethic as well as his interpersonal and communication skills. Jason brings dedication and transparency in helping his clients navigate the various stages of their real estate projects. He is passionate about real estate and strives to use his skill set and knowledge to deliver the highest quality service and to always exceed his clients’ expectations.

jason@amyassaad.ca (514) 970-208
Stefanie Eliopoulos
Associate Residential Real Estate Broker

Stefanie Eliopoulos is a certified residential real estate broker and on her way to adding a commercial real estate licence to her credentials. Stefanie is fluent in English and in French and has a working knowledge of Greek. Stefanie is also a graduate of social sciences from Vanier College and she previously worked in the management and service industry. Through this work experience, she further developed her natural leadership, communicational, and organizational skills to oversee projects, to motivate her team members, and to achieve targets and goals. She utilizes these skills in her real estate practice to protect and maximise her clients assets’ by promoting a spirit of collaboration and transparency between all parties involved. Stefanie is devoted to ensuring that her clients feel supported during all stages of the real estate process and that their needs and goals are achieved.

stefanie@amyassaad.ca (514) 245-4689
May Al Chaar
Associate Residential Real Estate Broker 

May Al-Chaar is a residential real estate broker with a passion for interior design. Her experience in both fields has given her a unique perspective in assisting clients to envision the full potential of a property. She discovered a passion for design at a young age and pursued it by studying interior design at the International Academy of Design in Chicago, Illinois. While working as a interior designer, May became focused on the real estate industry. She saw the opportunity to use her skills to assist clients and find homes that not only met their practical needs, but also their aesthetic preferences. She became a residential real estate broker and quickly gained a reputation for her keen sense of design and her ability to find properties that exceed clients’ expectations. Overall, May is a talented and dedicated professional who brings a unique perspective to the real estate industry. With her language skills (English, French and Arabic), interior design background and extensive knowledge of the market.

may@amyassaad.ca (514) 432-4132
Duc Ma
Associate Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker 

Duc Ma is a licensed residential and commercial real estate broker with over 17 years of experience in the real estate industry as a licenced broker. Duc serves clients in English, French and Vietnamese. Duc is passionate about delivering an exceptional experience to clients, offering a wide range of real estate services. His extensive experience of the residential and commercial real estate market allows Duc to accompany and guide clients from the beginning to the end of their real estate transaction, with great success.

duc@amyassaad.ca (514) 918-1122
Stephanie Rizzuto
Associate Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker 

Since embarking in her real estate career in 2014, Stephanie has gained extensive experience in several transactions related to the sale, purchase, and lease of residential and commercial properties, as well as in new construction developments and property management studied at McGill University, in which her role be to support and guide the client through from beginning to end. With dedication and determination, she responds and adapts to each client’s specific real estate needs. Stephanie Rizzuto is a conscientious real estate professional who exudes credibility, commitment, and determination. Her passion for real estate is evident in her excellent communication skills as well as her warm and friendly approach. Stephanie’s enthusiasm for helping others and for achieving personal fulfillment and success helps her to connect with her clients and provide them with the utmost service. With over 10 years of experience as a real estate specialist in Montreal and surrounding areas, Stephanie combines her enthusiasm for the industry with her passion for personal growth. Her knowledge of the city can help you achieve all your real estate goals and requirements. You can trust Stephanie to exceed her client’s expectations and to communicate clearly and honestly so that you feel confident when making a decision. She is ambitious, experienced, and determined to take on new challenges and ensure overall client satisfaction.

stephanie@amyassaad.ca (438) 728-5801

Independent Broker’s acting on their own account:

Rachel "Yu" Du
Independent Affiliate Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker

Yu Du, also known as Rachel, is a certified real estate broker and is passionate in helping her clients meet their real estate goals. Rachel was raised in China and acquired her bachelor‘s degree in electronics and electrical engineering from the University of Glasgow, UK and a master’s degree in management science at the University of Waterloo, Canada. She speaks 4 languages and can serve clients in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and French. Rachel has hands-on experience in real estate investments in Canada, the United States, and China. With her multi-cultural experience and her strong educational background, Rachel’s work ethics are founded on respecting and recognizing her clients’ culture and unique individual needs. Her objective is to maintain and to promote a culture and a business philosophy based on accountability, community, diversity, joy, drive, respect, quality, and excellent client service.

rachel@amyassaad.ca (514) 586-2958
Carly Molinaro LL.L
Independent Affiliate Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker

Carly obtained her Civil Law degree at the University of Ottawa and is now a licensed attorney and real estate broker. Her passion for real estate began at a young age and stems from her family’s experience in real estate developments. She has long been passionate about identifying investment opportunities and analyzing the real estate market. Her extensive interest, knowledge, and experience in the industry has given her the ability to understand and meet her clients’ needs. While pursuing her law degree, Carly joined our team as a residential real estate agent and has since closed numerous transactions for our clients. Her legal background has given her the knowledge and skills to confidently negotiate and protect her clients’ interests and assets. Carly’s tenacity and enthusiasm has made her an esteemed member of our team.

carly@amyassaad.ca (514) 690-7827
Kimberly Sierra
Independent affiliate Residential Real Estate Broker

As a residential real estate broker, Kimberly Sierra uses the extensive skills and knowledge she earned during her degree in interior design to bring maximum visual appeal and value to her clients’ real estate projects. Her dynamic personality and diligent work ethics have proven valuable in guiding her clients through the various stages of their real estate journey. Kimberly is fluent in English, French, Hebrew, and Spanish.

kimberly@amyassaad.ca (514) 653-6451
Rodney Vullapah
Independent Affiliate Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker

Rodney Vullapah is a licensed residential and commercial real estate broker with over 13 years of professional experience in the real estate industry. Rodney is dedicated in assisting real estate buyers, sellers, and investors in achieving their goals and in providing them with an experience catered to their individual needs and aspirations. His experience in the real estate industry encompasses owning and managing multi-residential properties as well as working in the construction industry. Rodney’s career achievements in the Canadian banking industry and in property management have equipped him with a wealth of real estate knowledge and a keen understanding of the financial and investment markets. He utilises his experience and his impressive ability to analyze market trends to guide, advise, and educate his clients about the market dynamics and to empower them in making well-informed decisions in all of their real estate endeavours.

rodney@amyassaad.ca (514) 814-0054
Emmanuel Druskas
Independent Affiliate Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker

Emmanuel is a commercial and residential real estate broker with over 18 years of experience in the field. He brings to his real estate career an extensive background in the construction and property management industries as the owner of a general contracting business and of a property management company in which he managed over 250 property portfolios. Emmanuel was voted Rookie of the Year during his first year in the real estate industry and was entered into Remax’s Hall of Fame before completing his first 10 years as a real estate broker. During the last 8 years, he has also earned numerous awards as a top producing broker at Royal LePage. Emmanuel has proven an expert in foreclosures and he has an extensive network of contacts with large financial institutions, solicitors, and private lenders in the province of Quebec.

emmanuel@amyassaad.ca (514) 969-5080

In-house mortgage broker: